Mitindo Primary School

Yesterday, we visited the Mitindo Primary School; a government school for the visually impaired located 40 km south of Mwanza.

Our purpose for going there was to begin an outreach ministry to the Albino people of Tanzania; our first focus will be on the Mitindo Primary school. There are 147 children at this particular school; since most Albino’s are legally blind 99 of the children are Albino.

It takes special permission from the Regional Commissioner and a little bit of red tape to get permission to visit the school but we finally had our first visit; the privacy and safety of the children is a priority.

We spent time visiting with the staff, touring the school and meeting the children. We took some toys: soccer ball, frisbees, marbles and crayons as well as rice and sugar. Our goal is to be able to build a long-term relationship with the school and eventually earn permission to conduct Christian education classes for the children on a weekly basis. First, however, we must begin our relationship by meeting the needs of the school and the physical needs of the children.

The children wore shy smiles on their pale faces as they looked up at us through squinted eyes shaded by their hands to protect their sensitive eyes from the bright light of the sun. Most have large brown spots/blemishes on their faces, heads and arms indicating the presence of skin disorders including skin cancer. Many of them have sunburned faces and heads due to lack of sunscreen and hats.

They are just normal children underneath their pale skin; but because they are born in Tanzania with Albinism their innocence and childhood has been stolen from them. They must live in a state of uncertainty and fear, in a protected environment from those who would kill them and use their body parts in potions to bring prosperity.

Our goal is to give them the love they deserve and to share the love of Jesus with them; only His peace can take away their fears and uncertainties.

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