Tanga Construction

Tim just returned from a week long trip to the Tanga region of eastern Tanzania; he met a construction team there from the states.

When they arrived they realized that the land was not level; if they put up the buildings on the land as it was the building would be nine feet off the ground on one end! They were on a tight schedule; Tim’s team was to put in the foundations and erect the skeleton of the building and another team would be arriving at the end of the week to finish the project.

They needed a bulldozer; that may not sound like a big deal in America but in Tanzania??? Equipment that large is usually connected with a road that is being worked on by a foreign construction company that has been contracted by the Tanzanian government.

It would take days or weeks for the site to be leveled with shovels and manual laborers and would not be ready for the two construction teams from the states.

Tim and the team enlisted the help of the local TAG leadership and they were told of a bulldozer that was owned by a local sisal plantation. They went to speak to the owner and he was willing to let them use his bulldozer to prepare the site.

The owner could have charged the team a huge amount of money to use the back hoe, instead, he didn’t charge them anything at all. The man was not a Christian but God used him to meet the need of the construction team.

The back hoe was ancient, but it did the job and the site was leveled and the team finished their work just in time for the arrival of the second team.

God is definitely in the construction business and deals in large equipment.


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