The rains have come at last, within a couple of weeks everything will go from dead and brown to lush and green; it’s amazing how the presence or absence of rain changes the look of the landscape and even the quality of the air. By the end of the dry season even the air is hazy with dust which affects our sinuses and even our breathing. Keeping the house clean becomes an almost daily event; just a few hours after dusting the furniture there is a fine layer of dust on everything once again. At the end of the dry season I take down all the curtains and sheers throughout the house and wash them to get all the dust out. It usually takes a couple of wash cycles before the water is no longer brown from the dust. Bedding is removed and either washed or taken outside, shaken vigorously and left to hang in the fresh air for the day.
Last night we had quite a storm with lots of loud thunder and lightning flashes. And, at one point, we had some hail mixed in with the rain which makes an interesting sound on the metal roof of our house. We are always so happy when the rains finally arrive after a dry 3-4 months. However, in 2-3 weeks we will be complaining about all the mud and the mess that all of the unpaved roads get in during the rainy season.
Such is the nature of man; the grass is always greener on the other side. For us, it’s the greener grass comes but brings with it the muddy roads. However, given a choice, I choose the rain.


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