The Presidential elections in Tanzania will take place this Sunday, October 31. We have been alerted by the American Embassy to keep a low profile (how do you do that when you are a white person in an African country?) and to stay alert for possible problems.
The CCM party has been the ruling party for years; however, the candidate for the opposing party has come from behind and there may actually be an upset in this election. People are generally unhappy with two things about the current party and President; there is widespread corruption in the government and there is a fear that we are moving towards becoming an Islamic nation.
Already in Mwanza, the second largest city in Tanzania, there have been some mild clashes during rallies and there will be more police and military patroling the streets and city beginning Sunday. Tanzania has always been a peaceful nation but some people are concerned about this upcoming election.
We Wazungu (white people) will be trying to keep a low profile as instructed; we will also be praying for a peaceful election.


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