This week we celebrated Christmas with our Tanzanian friends on Tuesday night; the faculty and their spouses were at our home on Tuesday evening. We had a great time with them.

On Thursday night, one of the missionary ladies invited missionaries to her home for a Christmas party. Every one that came had to take part in an informal “program”; we could sing, read a poem, play an instrument or do whatever we wanted to do.

As I was looking around the group of missionaries I saw many different denominations represented; there were missionaries there from the AIC, Wycliffe Bible translators, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Pentecostal and others.

We were from various countries; USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea and England.

We sang “Joy to the World” in German, heard greetings in Swedish, greetings in Kisukuma,heard a song in Korean, sang a chorus in Swahili and sang American Christmas carols. 

We had American desserts, German desserts, British snacks, Canadian treats, and a Swedish dessert.

It was a fun night with people who were different on several levels; and yet we had in common that we were all there for one reason.  We came together to celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Savior.

Also, today we went to the English service at one of our TAG churches. During the worship service, we sang a chorus from South Africa, one from Nigeria, several Tanzanian choruses as well as some familiar choruses from America.

It’s been quite a week of celebration and fellowship with brothers and sisters from all parts of the world; I suppose it’s good practice for heaven.  People from every tribe, tongue and nation celebrating around the throne of God.  I wonder what language we will be using?? 


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