Happy New Year

It’s the middle of January and I haven’t blogged yet! Sorry.
We left Tanzania for Kenya a couple of days after Christmas to attend a week long East Africa Mission meeting; we stayed at the beautiful and cool Brackenhurst Retreat Center.  I’ll take crisp cool mornings any time over hot and humid areas; it was great to actually feel chilly.
It was good to see all of our missionary colleagues there as well; of course, there are always new missionaries to get acquainted with at these yearly gatherings.
Before we went to Brackenhurst, Tim and I took a couple of days and nights to go on a safari to the Masai Mara Game Park.  We have been back in Africa for 2 1/2 years and haven’t taken any vacation time.  It was time for a break and we thoroughly enjoyed the time away although it passed too quickly.
We arrived back in Mwanza on January 8th and have been trying to catch up since then.  We have a team of 16 people arriving on the 24th from the Southern Missouri District; the logistics have been a real challenge.  We have a number of places to go and none of them are easy to get to so we are still finalizing travel and lodging plans.
We leave this Saturday, the 21st to head for Dar Es Salaam; Tim has some meetings to attend and we will prepare to meet our team at the airport on the 24th.
Pray for us as we travel with this team as we have a lot of miles to travel; much of it over rough roads and it will all be on public transport buses.  We will need God’s protection as we endeavor to meet all of our deadlines.
 We also pray that all the team members will stay healthy and be able to accomplish all they came to do.  Fourteen of the team members are women and they will be conducting a Women’s Conference in Mbeya; there are over a thousand women registered!
Exciting but challenging!


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