Just when I think I have problems…

Just when I think I have problems….
I get a little look into the life of one of my Tanzanian friends.  My friend, Flora, is a single lady who is a licensed minister and a teacher at the Mwanza Bible College.
She has taken her first class towards her Master’s Degree and is now attempting to write her final paper for the class.
First, her computer, which itself is a miracle, crashed.  When we arrived back from Kenya we found her stressed with no computer and a paper due in one week; all her research was on the crashed computer. 
Her father and mother have come to live with her and she also has 2 nieces and 1 nephew that live with her and she supports all six of them on her teacher’s salary.  Her father is very elderly and has been quite sick.
 She is trying to get her niece and nephew in a boarding school in another part of Tanzania and she sent them there by bus only to have the school refuse them entry because they didn’t bring the right school supplies.  So, they have been staying with a pastor in the same town.  Finally, she was able to gather enough money to wire them the needed amount and the school accepted them.
The electricity at the Bible school is off more than it’s on, so she wasn’t able to get very much done on her paper before her computer crashed.
Tim spent two days trying to get her computer to come on just long enough to put all her notes and research on a disc.  Finally we accomplished that task and she is coming to our home each day and using our computer in an attempt to meet her deadline.
Yesterday, her family called to inform her that her Aunt had passed away; they wanted her to travel with the body from here in Mwanza back to the village 5-6 hours away for the funeral and burial.  She had just sent her parents on the bus a few days ago to attend another family member’s funeral in the same village.  It’s expected of her because she is the single daughter and they don’t understand that she is a teacher and can’t leave whenever she wants. She politely declined and now faces censor from her family.
On her way out of the house yesterday she dropped her cell phone and it fell apart; thankfully we were able to resurrect it and it is now being held together by a rubber band.
And that’s just the highlights of her life for the month of January.
Wow, still a lot of month left!


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