Tim and our guest evangelists just finished up their week of outdoor meetings in Geita/Sengerema. Geita is in the middle of an area where Gold is mined; they were given a tour of the Gold mine one day while they were there.

The massive mine is a modern, well equipped, technologically advanced, well guarded facility that is like a small city. Although Tim and his guests had a fairly high level of clearance, they never actually saw the gold. They did, however, see trucks tall enough for them to walk upright underneath; huge equipment that made them feel as small as insects in comparison. They were told that out of every 100 tons of rock removed from the mine, they will end up with about 4 grams (less than a teaspoon) of pure gold; millions of dollars worth of Gold comes from that mine every year.
Every night of the outdoor meetings dozens of people were saved and many were delivered from demon possession. It really had nothing to do with the preacher/messenger, but had everything to do with the prayer and fasting that was done weeks ahead in preparation for the meetings and the presence of the Holy Spirit during the meetings who drew people forward to receive eternal life through Jesus.
Every soul that was saved and every person that was delivered from demon possession has far more value to God than the gold that is pulled from those mines in Geita. It’s a matter of Kingdom values and heavenly priorities.

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