Sarah has arrived

Sarah, our youngest daughter, just graduated with her Master’s in Counseling.  She arrived here in Mwanza on June the 10th and will be staying with us for two months.
While she is here, she will be doing counseling at Jelly’s Primary and Secondary School; they have 30 Albino children who have just recently arrived there from a nearby government school for the visually impaired.  These 30 children received scholarships to attend the boarding school but it is an overwhelming change for them. 
They are part of a large school of over 300 people and because of their Albinism they stand out from the rest of the students; they are insecure and frightened.  Hopefully, by doing group counseling with them 3 days a week, Sarah will be able to help them develop self esteem and confidence. 
We look forward to the day when they are able to look us in the eye and smile without the look of fear in their eyes they have now. 


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