Sunday at Antioch Christian Church

Yesterday was a full but fairly typical Sunday here in Tanzania. We traveled with our two guests from SoMO District office, James McHaffie and Phillip Roop, to a nearby TAG church.  Pastor Gwalalika has been a friend of ours for many years and we visited his church the first time in 2000.
At that time, it was a small one room facility with reed walls and a grass thatched roof. 
Now, it is a large cement building with several rooms and a separate children’s building with a membership of over 200. 
Pastor Roop preached both the 7:30am and the 10:30 am services.  In between we were given the customary “chai” (hot tea with milk and sugar) and chapatis. 
After the service we did the usual photo session and toured the facilities and listend to the future plans for church growth and expansion.
Finally, we traved to the pastor’s home and were treated to a wonderful Tanzanian meal with a variety of food generally reserved for honored guests: rice, roasted potatoes, cooked cabbage, chapatis, stewed chicken, fried goat meat, tomatoes and cucumbers and Papaya.
We spent some time visiting with the pastor and his wife before leaving to return to Mwanza; we arrived home about 4:30 tired, well-fed, and blessed. 


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