Babati Church Planting School

Tim has spent a total of about two weeks working on the Church Planting School in the Manyara region in the village of Babati. 
This school will train pastors specifically for the purpose of starting a church in an area where we don’t yet have an established church; they will attend for four months before being sent out to plant a church.
Tim and his team put up the metal frame and the roof which is the most expensive and difficult part of the project and the district finishes the project by putting up the brick walls. 
It is one of the ways we partner with the Tanzania Assemblies of God on various projects.  The TAG is growing and maturing rapidly and we continue to adjust our relationship with them as they take the lead more and more in evangelizing their nation and training leaders and pastors.  We praise God for the way that the national church of Tanzania continues to mature and grow into a strong indigenous national church. 


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