Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry Department (WWK) of the TAG have a manual for the individual groups in each church to follow; it basically instructs women how to be a blessing to their church, their pastor, their leadership, their families and their community.
The church at Kisesa was closed for awhile and has been reopened for about a year.  They have started up the WWK group in the church and are attempting to fulfull their goals to be a blessing. 
As part of their efforts, they contacted us and asked if they could visit us in our home and be a blessing to us. 
They arrived on Saturday about 11:00 and stayed for a couple of hours. We sang together, prayed together and spent time getting acquainted.  At the request of the pastor I spent a few minutes encouraging the women and commending them for their desire to be a blessing and for their valuable ministry within the church body.
Women have a very difficult life here and rarely receive any recognition or thanks for what they do.  I always to encourage them and show them my appreciation whenever I have the opportunity.
They brought Tim and I gifts; we each received a piece of material to have a garment made (very common gift here), two watermelons and a bag of oranges.
I had prepared some refreshments for them which they enjoyed; some of the food they were familiar with but I also introduced them to sweet & sour meatballs and banana bread. 
It was a nice visit and the first time for most of them to be in a “white person’s” home. 


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