When the sun is your Enemy

Saturday we visited the Buhangija school for the visually impaired which is home to about 150 Albino Children (PWA-People with Albinism).
For the very first time, we were granted permission to have a church service for them; we told a story, taught a memory verse, sang songs, played a game and introduced puppets who sang for the children.
It was a wonderful opportunity to share God’s love with these precious forgotten children; however, the day was marred by the physical condition of the younger children.
Many of the younger children (age 6 and under) were badly burned from over exposure to the sun.  They had deep burns on their faces, heads, arms and hands and some on their feet.  Some of the burns and sores were badly infected and the skin had drawn up on their hands and arms so that some of them were unable to straighten their hands out completely. 
The normally playful group of younger children sat listlessly on a blanket during most of our visit.  It was one of the worst things I have ever seen; my heart has been burdened for them since then.
We have visited one of our local churches and asked if they would send a group of medical personnel from their church to the school and treat their burns and infection. 
We hope and pray that the medical team can go soon to visit the school.


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