Tuesday is Jelly Day

Every Tuesday I visit a school called “Jelly’s” to minister to and love on 32 Albino children that attend there and board there year round.  Sarah, our daughter, started visiting there 3 days a week this summer to do group therapy with the children.
Now that she has returned home, I go every Tuesday and tell them a Bible story, play, do crafts/activities, pray with them and be a caring person in their lives. 
This week we talked about the creation story and I emphasized that God saw everything he had made and proclaimed it good; when he created man he proclaimed it to be “very good”.  I encouraged the children to remember that God made them as they are and that he proclaims over them that they are “very good”.
They drew self portraits on papers with the verse from Genesis 1:31, “God saw everything that he had made and behold it was very good”. 
It was a great day with hugs for everyone before we left. 


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