Ukerewe Island

At the end of October we spent five days on Ukerewe Island, the largest of a chain of 20 islands about 45 miles from Mwanza in Lake Victoria.  We took a 3 hour ferry ride across to Ukerewe and our missionary colleague, Melodie Joice, accompanied us.
We had a full schedule of ministry; Melodie and I conducted a Children’s Workers Training seminar on Friday and Saturday and Tim taught a Missions seminar to the local TAG pastors on Saturday.  We had about 20 in attendance at the Children’s Workers seminar representing about 14 churches; there are 27 churches on Ukerewe and 5 churches on the next largest island, Ukara. Some of the churches are branch churches connected to other churches on Ukerewe.
On Sunday, we all preached in different churches and God moved by his Spirit; several were delivered from demon possession. There is a strong presence of witchcraft on the island and many demon possessed people.   
Ten years ago there were only 5 churches on Ukerewe and today there are 27 with 5 branch churches on Ukara.  There is still much work to do; most of the other islands, though small, are inhabited mostly with small fishing villages.  Ukerewe is 205 sq. miles and since people walk everywhere we need to establish more churches.
The pastors need encouragement and training and are so very appreciative of any visitors that come to the island to help them in their efforts to spread the Gospel.


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