Happy New Year

Heri ya Krismasi (Happy New Year)
The year 2010 was a very busy year for us and we are so thankful for the strength and wisdom God gave us so that we could do His work for the Kingdom of God here in Tanzania.  I will give a quick summary of our Ministry activities for 2010:
Ministry trips (two or more days) – 19
Guests (at least one night’s stay-groups count as one) – 15
Days with guests in our home (overnight) – 150
Days away from home for ministry (TIM) – 121
Tanzania Field Missions Meetings – 3
Tanzania Assemblies of God meetings – 6
National TAG conferences attended – 3
Planned meetings with local pastors/leaders – 9
*Numerous unscheduled and “drop-in” visits)
Seminars Taught: Joyce -1    Tim-5
Preaching services: Joyce-3    Tim-8
Albino Ministry-Visits to Schools: 19
Joyce: Mwanza Bible College Teaching- 3 terms (total of 54 days)
Five Week Evangelism outreach with outdoor meetings in five different locations.
As you can see it was a full year; we had successes for which we thank God and we had some failures and disappointments which we will learn from and keep working to move forward.  We thank each of you for your prayers and financial support; we appreciate your partnership.


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