As missionaries, one of the factors that determines your success is your ability to be flexible and quickly learn how to come up with and implement a “Plan B, C, or even D”. 
For instance, we have a team coming from Cornerstone Church in Tennessee on Monday to put up a church roof and do some preliminary work on the Mwanza District Church Planting School. 
Months ago, a container of building supplies and tools were sent from the states and arrived in Dar Es Salaam on December 3.  Yesterday, with three days to go before the team arrives, we had the final word that the container was being held and would not be released for sometime while about $12,000 in storage fees were being haggled over. 
With the help of our National Church leaders who are sending another container of building supplies that was designated for another site, and the help of our missionary colleagues who are gathering tools and supplies that would have come in the container in Dar and sending them out to us by bus and truck, and with the help of the team from TN who are also bringing items we will need with them, and with the help of some of the local churches to help with food…we are implementing Plan B.  We have three days so we may end up creating some Plan C’s or D’s before we have everything we need on hand.  However, we have many helpers here in TZ working to make it happen and many prayer partners all over the world who are doing their part as well. 
God will build His Church, Bible College, Kingdom, etc, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.  We are thankful for an all-powerful God and for many partners working together doing Kingdom work. 


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