Nebraska Team

Women’s Dorm MBC
Orientation time

Jerry Spain’s team of 23 people from four different churches, mostly from Nebraska, finished their work and left yesterday to return to the states.  They are a wonderful, hard-working, big-hearted group of people; they were a blessing to us personally as well as to the Mwanza Bible College and the Mwanza District. 
In a week’s time they accomplished an impressive amount of work. They put in the footings and put the roof up for the new Women’s dorm at Mwanza Bible College, painted the classrooms, teacher’s offices, hallway and library, poured new cement flours in the classrooms, poured a sidewalk for the men’s dorm, put up a wall to form a storage room and took down a wall to make two small classrooms into one large classroom.
In addition, they went out to the Mwanza District Church Planting School site and put up roof frames for two buildings.
WOW!  What a blessing; thanks to each one of the team members for their sacrifice and hard work and thanks to everyone who prayed for them. 


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