It’s been awhile since we last posted; we’ve been in a whirlwind of activity the past two months.  After our last team of 23 people left in March, we had a week to vacate our house so the renters could move in.  We packed, took care of business, said our farewells to the Bible School Staff and a number of churches, paid one last visit to the Albino children at two different locations and trained 3 new outside workers.
Finally, ready or not, we departed Mwanza on March 30 and flew to Ireland for a five day tour.  Ireland was incredible and a life time dream come true. 
We arrived in the states on April 5 just in time for Easter; Jenn, Sarah and Janelle Thacker met us at the airport.  It was great to see our daughters!
We have now been in the states for about a month; we’ve had four services and attended the Southern Missouri District Council.  We have purchased a car (changed the title, took out insurance, got it inspected, etc), we both got new driver’s licenses, new cell phones (it took three for me before I got one that worked), gathered items for a display table, visited family, moved twice, seen the eye doctor and Joyce had lab work done so she could get her meds. Oh yes, last but not least, bought new clothes!
We are ready for itineration; we leave for Michigan in two days and then on to North Carolina!
People should not refer to furlough as “vacation”, it’s just a different kind of work!


1 thought on “Itineration

  1. I'm from the UK and currently watching a tv programme produced by the BBC about albinos in Tanzania – this led me to your blog. They have visited two of the same schools as you (Mitindo & Buhangija).I'm not sure if you would be able to get hold of a copy of the programme, but i'm sure you would be very interested in viewing it! For reference, it was shown on channel BBC4 on 2nd July 2012 and is called: "The Albino Witchcraft Murders".For what it's worth, I've read through your blog and think the work you have done is incredible. The people that your path's have crossed have been truly blessed.

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