We have been in the states since April 5 and have been in Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee and North Carolina visiting churches; looking for new ministry partners and saying “Thanks” to those who already partner with us to reach the lost of Tanzania.
We have recently received news that the Mwanza Bible College that the Dining Hall now has 15 new tables and 150 new chairs; we received the money for this project before we left Tanzania and the project has been completed.  The Bible College students and staff are rejoicing; thanks to our friends at Africa’s Hope for their generosity.
Also, we were awarded a check from the Springfield MO Rotary Club in the amount o $5,000 to provide toilet and shower facilities at the Buhangija School for the Visually Impaired in Shinyanga Tanzania; 225 Albino children live at this school.  We want to thank the Rotary Club for their generosity; we hope to have the new toilets and showers installed when Tim takes a short trip back to Tanzania in late August.


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