News from Tanzania

It seems that violence has come to our peaceful country of Tanzania.  The violence that has erupted in the countries of northern Africa have spilled over and is affecting Tanzania.  The population of Tanzania is about a third Muslim; the Muslim population of Tanzania have been very peaceful and friendly towards Americans for the most part.  There has always been a small number of more militant/radical Muslims on the eastern coast; mostly situated on the island of Zanzibar. 
However, within the past several months Muslims set fire to 12 churches on Zanzibar.  A couple of weeks ago, rioting broke out in the coastal city of Dar Es Salaam.  Three of our A/G churches were set on fire; one was completely destroyed and the other two badly burned and ransacked.  One woman was badly injured and since then another person has been injured and one killed as the rioting continues.  The rioting Muslims seem to be angered by the “mishandling” of the Quran and are demanding the release of a local cleric. 
Please pray for this situation; the Tanzania A/G leadership and pastors are praying and fasting and attempting to react with love towards the hatred coming against them during this time. 


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