Christmas and New Years

Christmas PhotoWe were so thrilled to be able to spend Christmas with our daughters, Jenn and Sarah, as well as Joyce’s side of the family.  We had originally planned to travel to North Carolina to spend the weekend after Christmas with Tim’s family but due to his neck surgery we were unable to make the trip.  We have been able to visit with them extensively this past summer and will make another trip to see them all when we make a trip to North Carolina for ministry later in the Spring.
Tim is recovering well from his neck surgery and other than a little hoarseness in his throat and some trouble swallowing he is doing well.
Tim and I spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at home; we’ve got a very busy January ahead of us and we both needed the rest; I am recovering from a very bad head cold.
All in all, we are ready to get back on the itineration trail after a slow December.  It was a great month, however, as we made a lot of good memories to take back with us with the girls, family and friends.



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