Tim and I enjoy the variety that exists among the many churches in our movement; they vary in music style, worship styles, styles of dress, decor, order of service, and on and on the list goes.  Some styles are more appealing to us than others because of our own backgrounds and perferences,  but all have their place.  Each time we return from the field we are aware of changes and trends that have come about in our four year absence from the states.

There are some things that we pray never change; the feeling of family, the sense of God’s presence, the privilege of praising and worshiping God, the respect and love for the Word of God and the time set aside for prayer and ministry to the believers. There is a lot of liberty granted in our movement to accomodate trends, personal preferences, culture, location, etc. However, some things should  remain unchangeable and constant when it comes to spiritual matters such as the preaching of the Word, prayer, worship, caring for one another and, of course, commitment to reaching the Lost.




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