Tim in Tanzania

Tim left for Tanzania on Tuesday; he is meeting up with a team from Cornerstone Church in Madison TN.  They will be traveling to the Kagera Region to start the Church Planting School for that District.  While they are there, they will also be putting up a church roof for a new church started in a nearby village.  Pray for Tim and the team as they work through all the logistics of getting the building materials trucked from Mwanza around Lake Victoria by road rather than across the lake on the ferry.  They have not seen either site yet and even though all the gravel, sand, water and other local materials are supposed to be waiting at the site when they arrive, experience bears out that this is often not the case.

They will go, work fast and get as much accomplished this trip as possible; the rest of the project will be finished when the team returns to Tanzania in September.  237


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