Violence Escalates

As we watch the rise of gun violence in the US, we also receive word of the attacks against PWA (People with Albinism) increasing over the past several weeks in Tanzania. For awhile, it seems the attacks had begun to dwindle but are on the increase once again.  You can follow this link to a story of the most recent attack against a seven year old boy who lost his arm to attackers.

This past weekend, on the island of Zanzibar, a Catholic priest was shot and a church was burned down.  The church, the Pool of Siloam Church, was burned by a mob in 2011 and the congregation had just finished rebuilding the church when a group attacked the guards who ran off and then they burned the church again.

A Canadian Assemblies of God Tanzanian pastor was killed with a Machete (large knife/sword) by a mob of Muslim youth in the Geita District over an on going dispute between Christians and Muslims over business issues in the area. The Geita District is one of the eight districts that we work with in Tanzania.

Violence is on the rise around the world as the battle between good and evil continues; we need the help of the Holy Spirit as we literally do spiritual warfare to spread the Good News of the Gospel around the world.



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