Braille Typewriters

We want to thank singer/songwriter Jason Poe for designating all the proceeds from his latest release “Flesh + Blood” to go towards purchasing Braille typewriters for the PWA (People with Albinism) living in Tanzania.  With his recent donation of $5000 we were able to purchase 10 refurbished Braillers plus a large supply of cleaning and refurbishing kits to keep these Braillers working well.  We will also be able to repair and clean the broken Braillers that the Buhangija School have not been able to use for some time.  Click here to download Jason’s album. Remember that all proceeds from the sell of this album goes to the PWA ministry of Tanzania.

We were also given 6 used Braillers from the Ministry to the Blind which operates under the Home Missions Dept of the Assemblies of God.  In addition, were have also been given 3 Swahili Braille Bibles to place in schools which have students who have been trained in the use of Braille. Each of these Swahili Braille Bibles takes up six feet of space on a shelf.

Our daughter, Jennifer, has completed a new PWA video for us that features the song “Grace” from Jason Poe’s album “Flesh + Blood”.  We are excited about this moving video that explains the plight of the PWA in Tanzania. Click here to watch it.

We are excited about these new developments in our ongoing journey to minister to the PWA of Tanzania.

This is a Braille typewriter used by the blind.

This is a Braille typewriter used by the blind.


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