Clean Water for Mwanza Bible College


One of the projects that Tim did while in Tanzania this month was the installation of a water filtering system for the Mwanza Bible College. This was due to a donation of funds (to purchase buckets and hoses) and water filters by Missionary Gary Higgins.

Tim spent one morning together with all the students and staff to show them how simple the system was to put together, maintain and operate.  Basically each system requires a bucket, some tubing and a small easily maintained filter system.  Enough of these were placed around the school to provide all 120 students plus all the staff and faculty with clean, pure water. This will eliminate the problem of boiling enough water for this many people every day and will help alleviate the recurring problem of typhoid and cholera amongst the students from drinking contaminated water.

Not only was the entire school outfitted with the water filtering system, but each of the 120 students were given a small one-bucket system to take back to their homes.  This will provide enough clean drinking water for their entire family and even some neighbors and friends.

There was much rejoicing around the school because they would have clean water; something we tend to take for granted.


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