Back in Tanzania

After almost two years, we have finally been able to return to Tanzania. Joyce’s health reached the point that we were given medical clearance to return after her bout with cancer.

We are busy trying to clean our house that has been sitting empty for almost a year. It is not only very dirty but in need of lots of repair including new paint inside and out. This is normal in the life of a missionary; going on furlough then returning and getting resettled before ministry can begin in earnest. Our vehicle has to be licensed, insured, new tires, inspections and cleaning. 

I am thankful for my house worker, Jakrine, who is working with me each day as we go room by room cleaning.

Yesterday we attended our first Tanzanian A/G church service since our return; we decided to attend the church at the Mwanza Bible College.  The people were so happy to see us and gave us a wonderful Tanzanian welcome with clapping and shouting.  They have been praying for us since our departure and especially during Joyce’s cancer treatment. 

The service was long and the music was great – just like we remember.  The sermon was on “Obedience to God” – obedience brings God’s blessing. A timely reminder for all of us. 



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