Priority One Teams

In October, Tim* hosted two teams from Priority One.  This group has focused on Tanzania to help the TAG (Tanzania Assemblies of  God) reach some of it’s goals for the Decade of Harvest.  They are helping in the areas of leadership training and various other teaching/preaching opportunities.  In addition, they have been a great help to the national church in the area of financial assistance. One of their projects is to buy a motorcycle for each of our sectional presbyters throughout Tanzania; this involves the purchase and distribution of several hundred motorcycles.  Most of our sectional presbyters have no means of transportation other than the public bus system.  This mode of transport does not allow them to reach their remote pastors and churches scattered among their section.  The motorcycles will allow them to be able to reach every pastor and every church.

There were two teams of men, each team came for about a week. The second team arrived the same day the first team left. Tim was busy handling all of the logistics of getting each team where they needed to be at the right time but God brought it all together.  One group spoke at the Lake Zone Conference held in Mwanza and the other group taught at the Western Zone Conference held in Tabora.  A total of 15 motorcycles were presented to Sectional Presbyters during the conferences.  The teaching and ministry from these men strengthened and encouraged the pastors.  They were a wonderful blessing to the pastors in these two regions.

*Joyce was in the states for almost two months beginning the middle of September to be with her terminally ill younger sister.  Donna passed away on November 13 and Joyce returned to Mwanza on the 17th. 




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