Moving Forward

When not traveling or speaking elsewhere, we attend MICC (Mwanza International Community Church) here in Mwanza. For a number of years the church has met in the conference room at a downtown hotel.  The owner just informed them that he was raising their rent to more than double what they have been paying, effective immediately.

While some may view this as an attack of Satan, we choose to believe that this is an opportunity for MICC to practice their faith and trust in God and for God to show himself powerful and able to provide for His people.  We know that he is going to open a door and show the church the path He has for them to travel.  This situation has not taken God by surprise and he has known about this day since before the church began.

Negative aspects: Land costs have skyrocketed here in Mwanza and properties are snatched up quickly in spite of the high costs. Owners are wanting the money upfront and immediately – the first one with the money gets the property.  MICC does not have much “cash on hand”.  They have taken their monies and invested in supporting village pastors and helping to build village churches.  They cannot last more than a month at their current location.

Positive aspect: God is on our side!

Tim and Pastor Zakayo have been looking at property.  These pictures show one of the sites they have looked at.  They are not playing “King of the Mountain” or hacking through the dense forest.  In Mwanza, there is little flat land.  So, it is necessary to climb rocks and boulders and cut back trees and brush sometimes to view a piece of land.

Pray that God will provide the place for MICC to build.  IMG-20150131-WA0004 (2)IMG-20150131-WA0015 (2)


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