Much has happened since our last communication.  I apologize for that and will attempt to catch you up on our lives in 2015 and so far in 2016.  I will attempt to do a better job in my blogging in the future.

In early 2015 we began to realize that Joyce’s health would not allow us to complete this 4 year term in Mwanza Tanzania.  We returned to Tanzania in February 2014 after Joyce’s bout with breast cancer which resulted in a double mastectomy and chemotherapy.

We began to pray about our next steps and started meeting with our leadership.  At the same time we were coming to grips with our need to return to the states we were contacted by Africa’s Hope in Springfield MO.  They had been praying and searching for a missionary to head up their Africa Library Services (ALS) office for over a year.

We have worked closely with the Africa’s Hope office on several projects at our Bible School in Mwanza and were thrilled when they offered us the position. We knew God had directed us to our next area of ministry that would also keep us tied to Africa.  We began the long process of saying farewell to our friends, pastors and leaders that we have grown to love through our years of ministry in Tanzania.  Those were difficult months and many tears were shed before our final departure in September 2015.

Tim has assumed his new role as team leader for Africa Library Services (ALS) and Joyce is finding her place with the Africa Communications office.  ALS basically assists our 250+ Bible Schools and Training Centers across the continent of Africa set up libraries and  acquire the curriculum they need to train pastors and leaders for ministry.

A spirit filled, well trained pastor/leader is the hope of Africa.  They can go into villages and meet people that typical missionaries do not have access to.  They can do it in the heart language of the people and in the correct cultural contexts.  The Spirit is moving across Africa, churches are springing up and people are getting saved, but there is a critical shortage of pastors.

Our work is vital in fulfilling the Great Commission; people saved and discipled into mature believers.



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