The Heidelberg Press

One of Tim’s objectives for his trip this month to Burkina Faso was to attempt to get the Heidelberg Press in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso up and running.  The press was delivered last year and will allow the national church to print all the needed training materials for Burkina Faso as well as do other printing jobs for some other West Africa Bible Schools and National Churches.

After spending time with a qualified tech via Skype, it was determined that some of the circuit boards were damaged and the press could not be repaired on the spot.  Tim has brought the damaged boards back to the states with him where they can be repaired and sent back to Burkina Faso to be installed in the press.

This was Tim’s first trip to Burkina Faso and the national church leaders and Bible School staff and faculty were extremely gracious and helpful.  We was well taken care of including being provided with a steady stream of bottled water to combat dehydration in the 100+ degree weather there.


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