Missionary Renewal

The last week of June was Missionary Renewal (MR) for the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) missionaries who are currently in the states for their one year itineration after a four year term in countries around the world.

During this time, anywhere from 800-1,000 missionary families converge on Springfield MO for an intense week of field studies, training, fellowship, encouragement and restoration.

Children attend age appropriate activities that are both fun and challenging and teach them important things about being a missionary.

The goal of MR is to not only train and prepare our missionaries for their next four year term mentally and intellectually, but also spiritually and emotionally.

Since Tim and I are assigned to work with Africa’s Hope here in Springfield, we were fortunate to see dear friends from around the world, especially from Africa.  One night, we were privileged to go out to eat with some of the missionaries we partnered in ministry with in Tanzania.

We were excited to hear good news about what is happening across the African continent and especially to hear about what God is doing in Tanzania.

We are part of a network of missionaries who live around the world, including in the states, who are working together to see that the Good News of Jesus is taken to every nation and people group around the world.  We have a special bond with those scattered across the African continent.  Any accomplishments or successes we have as individual missionaries are shared by all of us because we are a team.


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