The Discovery Series

Part of my assignment at Africa’s Hope is to help in the production and distribution of our Discovery series.  We have been working to translate the material into French and Portuguese although we have also started translating several of the other languages needed for distribution.

The 38-book Africa’s Hope Discovery Series is written especially for Africa and is the key element to equipping 40,000 untrained ministers on the continent. The goal of the Journey of Discovery is to provide the Discovery Series in at least 12 major languages for African national churches. Thousands of untrained and undertrained pastors will benefit from the Discovery Series in their mother tongue.

We are experiencing a high volume of requests from our African national churches to have the Discovery Series translated into their heart languages.

The 12 heart languages in addition to English are:

Amharic Malagasy
Arabic Mòoré
Chichewa Oromiffa
French Portuguese
Hausa Swahili
Lingala Somali

The English Discovery Series is used in dozens of Bible schools across the continent, and the demand is increasing continent-wide. Biblically sound training materials that are easily understood assist African pastors in correctly teaching Scripture and becoming effective leaders.



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