Traveling Books

When you think of missionaries, you may think of flying overseas to a faraway land to encounter all sorts of new adventures.  However, sometimes our work at Africa’s Hope involves traveling to the not so faraway places.  Tim is traveling this weekend to Ohio and Michigan to collect two libraries that have been donated to Africa’s Hope for our 360+ Bible schools and training centers across the African continent.

These books will be sorted, designated for particular libraries in African Bible schools, placed in containers, shipped across the ocean and arrive in a port somewhere along the coast of Africa.  They will be cleared by our national partners and perhaps shipped by truck inland.  They will arrive at a Bible School where their arrival will be celebrated by faculty and students who will carefully log them into their library.   They will eventually find their way into the hands of eager students who will diligently study them as part of their effort to prepare themselves as pastors and leaders to take the good news of the gospel to cities and villages across their country.




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