Rustenburg, South Africa

Tim has returned from Rustenburg, South Africa after spending 10 days there setting up the first Print On Demand (POD) system.  The press has been installed, tested, and has printed the first batch of course books for the Bible School.

The staff has been trained on its use and it is now ready to become a vital part of the school’s steady progress towards autonomy and self-sufficiency.  They will begin to print their own curriculum using the digital files that Africa’s Hope has made available to them at no cost.  They will be able to eventually print all 40+ courses for the Bible School’s diploma level.

The POD system and the free digital curriculum library is made possible through the generous donations  of our ministry partners here in the states.  Tim’s ability to travel to Africa to install this equipment and train workers to do the printing and maintain the equipment is also due to the generosity of our ministry partners.

Thanks to all of you for your faithfulness to prayerfully and financially support our ministry; we would not be able to do this without you.



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