Good Reports

The Education Director for the Tanzania Assemblies of God, Jonas Mkoba,  was recently in the states and we were able to spend time with him on several occasions.

He shared news with us concerning the growth of the national church in Tanzania.  It was very gratifying to hear about what God is doing in Tanzania.  The youth of TZ bought a car for one of their national missionaries in another country; done STL style just like the A/G youth in the U.S.

The number of churches and training centers continue to increase as each local church becomes actively involved in planting new churches.  Our pastors and leaders see the value of education and many of our pastors and leaders are not only pursuing their degrees, but are going on to receive their Masters and even PhD.  Tanzania is a model for the rest of Africa to follow; we are thankful for the opportunity we had of being missionaries there  in that great country and partnering with the National Church for about 11 years.

Good reports are also a part of serving with Africa’s Hope as well.  Our partners here in the states are helping with generous donations to see all of our training books printed in over a dozen languages and we have plans for  5-6 more POD (Print On Demand) Systems to be placed strategically across Africa.  Bible schools are being started, furnished, equipped and accredited across the continent.  We have over 20,000 pastors and leaders being trained to reach their cities and villages with the Good News.  We praise God for His blessing upon Africa even as we continue to fight spiritual strongholds and do spiritual warfare for the 867 unreached people groups who live in Africa and have yet to hear the Good News.


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