We want to thank all of you who have been faithfully praying for us during our 18 months of itineration.   We appreciate your love and support.

We have received word that one of our ministry partners is going to put $12,000 in our cash fund next month; this will bring us to 100% of our cash budget raised!  PTL!

Now, we will focus on raising the $900 a month we have left to raise in monthly support.

This breaks down to just 10 partners giving $90 a month or 20 partners giving only $45 monthly. This is doable! As we partner together we can see the Great Commission fulfilled. 

Please pray and ask God if He would want you to partner with us to see the Kingdom of God established across the continent of Africa.  We have thousands of national pastors and leaders being trained in over 360 Bible Schools and training centers to see that there is a church planted within walking distance of every African. We want to see the 867 unreached people groups of Africa reached with the Good News – join our team!!!


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