2019 Thoughts

2019 was a year of travel; it was our itineration cycle.  Unfortunately, Tim traveled to most of our scheduled services alone.  Travel is hard for me so the Michigan trips Tim made alone; usually leaving on Saturday morning early and returning very late in the night on Sundays.  Occasionally, he would need to leave out on Friday or return on Monday.

I was usually able to accompany Tim on those trips that were made to Southern Missouri churches.  Travel is tiring, especially when you continue to work at your assigned ministry Monday – Friday.

However, God gave us strength to finish well.   The bright spots were the many wonderful people we spent time with; pastors, church leaders, church congregations, happy children,  God put us in contact with so many kind, gracious and generous people; people who love God, missions and missionaries.  We spent time with friends and long-time ministry partners and made new friends and partners along the way.

We were able to share the good news of what God is doing across Africa and the work that we are privileged to be a part of.  We were able to encourage others to participate in the Great Commission through giving, going and praying.

People – they make the travel easier, the journey better, the burdens lighter and the task less difficult.  Thanks to all of you we met along the way or were re-acquainted with – you have blessed us.


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