Missionaries, by nature, are generally a very committed group of people.  It takes a great deal of commitment for foreign missionaries to leave their country, home, families and all that is part of their known world to travel overseas to a totally new and different culture and land.

During this Coronavirus pandemic, I have observed another level of their commitment.  The majority of our AGWM missionaries have remained where they were serving when this virus began to spread.  They are staying and serving where God called them to be, trusting in Him to take care of them as they find new and creative ways to continue to share the Gospel.

Tim and I, as we are assigned here in the states to work with Africa’s Hope see the same type of commitment here.  Africa’s Hope continues to procure materials, write, edit, translate and print curriculum and prepare the materials to be shipped.  We trust that some day soon, Tim will receive the word to start loading shipping containers full of curriculum for our 360+ Bible schools and training centers.  The warehouse is being filled, and when the go ahead is given that ports are opening, container after container will be shipped to eager teachers and students who are anticipating their arrival.


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