“Piling up”

According to one dictionary, the term “Piling up” means to increase in quantity or amount, in a way that is difficult to manage.

For Tim, the inability to travel to African countries because of the Covid 19 virus means that his work is “piling up” overseas.

There are plans for Africa’s Hope to provide over a dozen “Print On Demand Systems” (PODS) across the continent of Africa in 12 strategic locations.  These small printing presses will allow the Bible Schools in that region to print their own curriculum at extremely reduced costs and save on the shipping costs and wait time when the materials are sent from the states.

Currently, Tim has materials ready to ship in a container to Togo but he must wait for the port to open again.  He has two PODS sitting in crates in two locations that are waiting for him to travel there and assemble them and train local people to operate and maintain them properly.  In addition, he has five other locations that are ready and waiting to receive their PODS once the ports are open again and it is safe for him to travel.

Please pray that the Corona virus will soon run it’s course and countries will be open again for travel.  Meanwhile, the work continues to “pile up” while the Bible Schools wait for their PODS to arrive and be installed.

Tim is not idle, by any means, the presses at Africa’s Hope are reprinting many of their books to replenish their depleted supplies of curriculum as well as printing new books as they are finished.  They want to have plenty of material on hand and ready when they are once again able to ship containers.

Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers and support. We appreciate all of those who partner with us to train leaders and pastors across Africa.


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