Idle (definition): not turned to normal or appropriate use, lack of activity.

We have NOT been idle during this pandemic even though all travel has been curtailed for several months now.  Tim will probably not be traveling to Africa until January of 2021.

He is definitely behind schedule in his travels, prior to the pandemic he was scheduled to make 5-6 trips to various countries in Africa.  The goal was to set up Print On Demand (POD) systems in key locations across the continent.  These small efficient printing presses will give the Bible Schools and Distribution Centers the ability to print their own materials.  This will save both time involved in shipping and printing costs.

Tim and his team have not been idle, they are taking full advantage of this time to procure curriculum and print and reprint Africa’s Hope Bible School curriculum. They are preparing materials that will be shipped out in containers as soon as ports in Africa begin to open up again.

There are national churches, Bible schools and students who are eagerly waiting for their shipments to arrive.  Tim is making sure that all is ready to go on this end.

Thanks to all of you who are partners with us in seeing that pastors and leaders across Africa are fully equipped to do the work of the ministry.



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