an·​tic·​i·​pa·​tion | \ (ˌ)an-ˌti-sə-ˈpā-shən

the act of looking forward
especially: pleasurable expectation

Anticipation can be a wonderful feeling; however, when that feeling goes for a long time it can actually turn into a feeling of frustration or even despair if it goes on indefinitely.

We, at Africa’s Hope, have been “anticipating” the time when we can once again return to the continent to provide much needed curriculum and training to our Bible Schools and training centers.

Tim is anticipating traveling to 5-6 countries to install much-anticipated Print On Demand (PODS) systems.  These highly efficient and cost effective printers will greatly facilitate the schools in providing low-cost curriculum as they are needed to train future pastors and leaders.  Some of those Bible schools and missionaries are beginning to move into the frustrated level as they await their PODS.

Tim and his team at Africa’s Hope are printing large quantities of materials that are scheduled to be shipped when ports reopen.

Please pray with us that the Covid pandemic will pass soon so we can get desperately needed PODS and curriculum to our Bible Schools.

We appreciate, so very much, your continued financial and prayerful partnership.


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