Living Between Two Worlds

Today I “attended” church online; it’s not my preferred way to attend church but during this time when Covid is surging again it is the way I must worship to protect myself with a compromised immune system.

Pastor’s sermon talked about living between two worlds. The Apostle Paul addresses this in II Corinthians 5 when he talks about the fact that we are “living in tents” here in this life but that someday we will be living in our permanent heavenly homes.

While we are living “between two worlds”, we have two purposes in life. The first is to please Jesus and the second is to proclaim Jesus.

Our missionary calling embraces these two purposes. We continue to effectively do both as we work at Africa’s Hope (Tim) and Africa House – Communications (Joyce).

We thank you for your prayers and your support as we live out God’s call on our lives.


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