In the age of technology, we find ourselves moving away from the written word and using our electronics, such as computers and cell phones, to read everything; newspapers, books, class courses and even the Bible.

In the developing nations of the world, the written word is still the way in which people read. They don’t usually have access to the technology or electronics needed to read.

Since the first of the year, Africa’s Hope has been able to acquire two Fire Bibles for use on the African continent. One is the Amharic Bible which is used almost exclusively in Ethiopia and the second is the French Bible which is the second largest language group in Africa. The French Bible was available but had become too costly for the average French speaking African to purchase.

We are thrilled to be a part of a network of AGWM missionaries and lay people who work together in diverse ways to enable pastors and leaders across Africa to be Biblically trained and Spirit filled.

Thanks for all you do to partner with us in this vital ministry.


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