Before we left Tanzania, we became aware of a hospital in Moshi Tanzania that was established by a group of French Doctors specifically to address the problems of the PWA (People with Albinism) living in Tanzania.

They are there to address the issue of the number one killer of PWA in Tanzania; Skin Cancer.  Since we have been in the states we have also received word that they have developed a recipe for Sunscreen and have manufactured a large amount of the sunscreen and have distributed it among some of the PWA population.

The test group will be studied closely to see how well the sunscreen works and if it holds up well. At this point in time, all the sunscreen used by PWA has to be brought into the country since it is not available in Tanzania.

We are excited to follow the process of this experiment and also plan to visit the hospital in Moshi as soon as possible after we return to Tanzania.  If this locally made sunscreen is successful, it will be a huge answer to prayer.

We will rejoice over every person, group, denomination and country who take an interest in the Albino people of Tanzania; many hands make light the work and all of us working together can make a difference in the lives of these precious people.

Buhangija improvements

We would like to thank the Springfield Southeast Rotary Club (Springfield MO) for their generous gift of $5000 to the Buhangija School for the Visually Impaired in Shinyanga Tanzania. There are about 250 Albino Children (CWA-Children with Albinism) who live at the school.
Tim and I visit the school often when we are there but have been in the states for furlough since April. However, Tim made a trip to Tanzania in August to host a building team of 32 people.  While he was there, he presented the money to the school so they could build some toilets and shower facilites for the children.  The children have all been sharing 2 outside toilets and have had no shower facilites at all.  They wash using buckets standing around outside with the older children going behind some of the buildings to bathe. 
We just received pictures today from the school Headmaster, Mr Ajali, showing that the toilets and showers have been completed.  They children are excited about their new facilities; it will be very helpful in relieving the problems related to the severe over-crowding at the school.

Clean water is a Blessing

Tim and the team are in Mwanza Tanzania working to finish the Mwanza District Church Planting School; part of the team is painting and helping with some work at the Mwanza Bible College.  Last Saturday Tim traveled to the Buhangija School in Shinyanga TZ to deliver funds that were donated by the Springfield MO Rotary Club; the money will be used to build bathroom and shower facilites for the 200+ Albino children who live at the school.

Tim was also able to install some donated water filters at the school; thanks to missionary Gary Higgins for providing the water filters and finding donors to pay for them.  The children and staff were excited at the prospect of having safe, clean water to drink. The filters were easy to install and very easy to maintain; clean water is a blessing that we take for granted in America. The children will be much healthier and happier now that they have plenty of clean water to drink.