October PFO

Part of Joyce’s ministry working part time in the AGWM Africa Regional Office is training and working with our Missionary Associates; these are people who are going to Africa for a 1-2 year assignment.

We have Pre-field Orientation three times a year; March, June and October.  In October’s PFO, we had 11 MA units who attended.  This is our largest group of MAs so far; we are thankful for the wonderful group of short term missionaries that God is calling to help establish God’s Kingdom across Africa.  Many of these MAs will come back after their assignment and apply for career missionary status.

We can not post a picture from the commissioning service because 9 of the 11 MA units are going to sensitive areas and cannot have their pictures posted on any social media sites.  To do so, would endanger them, their team members and even the Christians that are living in the areas they are going.

Pray for these MAs along with all of our roughly 200 career missionary units spread across the African continent.

Tim headed for Togo

Tim has had a busy month so far!  He spent this week in northern Michigan doing a series of meetings in several churches, the week before he was in South Carolina and today he boarded a plane to head for Togo, West Africa.

He is on his way to the Bible School to begin plans for the new curriculum distribution center that will service that area of Africa.  This will save time and money as containers of curriculum for the Bible schools in that region will be shipped directly to that location thus eliminating the need for shipment charges for small containers and saving the schools time wasted as they wait weeks for shipments to arrive.

Thanks to all of our ministry partners who make it possible for us to continue our efforts to train up national pastors and leaders to reach their communities with the Good News.

Africa in Perspective

Many people do not realize how big the continent of Africa truly is; in fact, it is often called a “country” rather than a continent. In regards to our missions endeavors, we have made huge strides over the past decades in spreading the gospel throughout its almost 50 nations/countries.  There is still much work to do in order to reach the unsaved people living in Africa; there are 867 unreached people groups representing 25 million people who have not heard the good news of Jesus yet.

We are privileged to be a part of the missionary family who have dedicated ourselves to finishing the task before us for an increasingly redeemed and transformed Africa.