Sarah, our youngest daughter, graduated last week from Evangel University with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology.  We are very proud of her; it’s been a hard two years of intense classes, getting all of her required intern hours in and working a job as well.  She’s made of tough stuff and God has truly proven himself faithful.
Although we could not be there in person our oldest daughter, Jenn, received permission from Evangel to set up a Skype connection so that we could view the graduation live from our office here in Mwanza Tanzania.  We were able to speak with Sarah after the graduation and even had a family picture taken with her and Jenn holding the computer facing the camera so that we were in the shot. 
We are so thankful for modern technology.  In the early days of missions the only way to communicate was through letters that took weeks to arrive.  In emergencies you could send a telegram or sometimes find a phone for a few minutes of very static conversation. 
God has proven himself faithful once again. 


Freezer for the Mwanza Bible College (MBC)

Tuesday was a great day for the Mwanza Bible College.
The school has had to ration food for the students at the MBC since the term began six weeks ago; the students have been receiving one meal a day for several weeks now. In addition, they have had no meat this term; the situation was becoming serious.
We were speaking with some of our family members on the Jarvis side and they were very concerned about the food situation at the school. They decided to do something about it; in less than three days they raised $1,350. We were able to buy the largest freezer available in Mwanza and we delivered during chapel on Tuesday.
The students erupted into cheers and praise as the new industrial size freezer was carried into the chapel. As the cheering subsided, Tim told them that the following day we would be buying a large cow and delivering it to the school for their first meal with meat for this term. The remainder would be placed in their new freezer. There were also bags of sugar, flour, oil and other items to provide meals for the students.
The students stood to their feet and rejoiced and thanked God for the miracle of the freezer and for the cow that would be arriving the next day.
A sad day for the cow but a blessing for the MBC.

Cookers for the Bible College

Recently, thanks to some generous gifts from some inidividuals and our TZ missionary colleagues, we were able to purchase two new cookers for the Mwanza Bible College.

Our two cooks have been cooking for about 130 people over open charcoal fires; the cost of charcoal took up about 15% of the total food expenditures.

The new cookers use wood instead of charcoal and are energy efficient; they are insulated in such a way that it takes far less wood to cook the food and the food takes less time to cook.

Our cooks are thrilled with the new cookers and the Business Manager is happy to be able to put more money towards providing food for the students.

The picture above shows the old way of cooking, using the open charcoal fire. The picture below shows the new cookers that are much more cost and energy efficient.