Africa House Conference

In March, we attended the Africa House Conference. This conference was for missionaries who are currently assigned to stateside ministry or in the states doing itineration.

We had over 100 participants who came together for this special time of spiritual renewal, fellowship and training.

It was an awesome time with both spiritual refreshing and very practical training in “moving forward” into what the Lord has in our future as the missionary body working towards an increasingly redeemed and transformed Africa.


First Discovery Series book in Arabic

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This is the first Discovery Series book translated and printed into Arabic; this particular course is “New Testament Survey”.  Our goal at Africa’s Hope is to print our entire Discovery Series 3 year diploma level curriculum (40+ courses in all) into 14 different African languages.  All of our over 20,000 students should have access to training materials in their own languages as they are trained to take the gospel to their own people in their own language.

Commissioning Service


One of the ministry’s that I, Joyce, am privileged to do is train our Missionary Associates (MAs) in the area of Financial Partnership Development.  A Missionary Associate works with a career/veteran missionary on the field for a 1-2 year assignment; most go on to become fully appointed career missionaries.  All of our Africa MAs are asked to take this 8 week course to prepare them for itineration and partnership development once they are approved.

We have an intensive one week training time for our new missionaries which takes place three times a year.  Last week we had four MA units that have gone through the FPD training online with me who were commissioned; the above picture was taken at the commissioning service.  In all, there were 27 missionary associate units who were commissioned to go to their respective regions of the world.

Pray for these MA’s plus all of our new career missionaries who are preparing to go to Africa in answer to God’s call on their lives.  If you are interested in joining the Africa team for a short or long term ministry experience that will change your life and help bring the gospel to the lost people of Africa, please contact us to find out how to begin the process by emailing our pipeline coordinator, Rebecca, at

She will answer all your questions and explain the process to you.