Sarah, our youngest daughter, graduated last week from Evangel University with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology.  We are very proud of her; it’s been a hard two years of intense classes, getting all of her required intern hours in and working a job as well.  She’s made of tough stuff and God has truly proven himself faithful.
Although we could not be there in person our oldest daughter, Jenn, received permission from Evangel to set up a Skype connection so that we could view the graduation live from our office here in Mwanza Tanzania.  We were able to speak with Sarah after the graduation and even had a family picture taken with her and Jenn holding the computer facing the camera so that we were in the shot. 
We are so thankful for modern technology.  In the early days of missions the only way to communicate was through letters that took weeks to arrive.  In emergencies you could send a telegram or sometimes find a phone for a few minutes of very static conversation. 
God has proven himself faithful once again. 


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